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The rapid development of technology era makes changes in the world more dynamic as well.

Changes in people’s lives are also starting to be felt, such as ordering food through online motorcycle taxis, interacting through messenger, and much more.

It also has an impact on the business world today. Therefore, the use of technology also becomes a mandatory menu that must be in a business.

One of the impacts of the use of technology applied is the creation of a website that is useful to support business activities, especially as a forum for marketing and branding of the business.

Here are 3 reasons why the website is needed as a support for today’s business, check it out!


In doing business, businesses must introduce the products or services they produce. For example, anyone has a handicraft business. However, it is too ambiguous if only he only describes his business products in general.

Website can be a useful place to describe handicraft who products in detail, such as tissue box products made of webbing, fashion bags made of rattan, and much more.

That way, prospective buyers will be well educated on business products from the U.S.

Promotional venues

Website can be a good means of doing promotion and branding of the business involved. In fact, if the business person understands SEO (search engine optimization) well then it is not impossible that the business website has good traffic, of course it can bring buyers who are interested in the business product.

SEO itself is simply described as ranking websites in a search page, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. For example, if we search with the keyword “sell handicrafts” on Google search pages then the website that appears in the search results is a website that has excellent SEO in that keyword.

This is one of the advantages of promotion when having a website with good SEO as well. By itself, prospective buyers will come and visit the website.
The more prospective buyers who visit our business website, the higher the chances of products or services offered in the website.


A website with a good name and domain (e.g. .id) can increase the credibility of a business. Moreover, in a website lists the address, contact person, Google Map coordinate points to testimonials and experiences, it should be able to increase the trust of visitors to the website.
Prospective buyers are usually more interested and courageous to make transactions in the place.

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