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Most business people must have a successful business principle that makes their business progress and grow. Surely you also want to have a business or business that you can manage the time flexibly. Owning your own business is a dream of some entrepreneurs. Self-run businesses or businesses are more comfortable because they are not tied to working hours or free from pressure and orders from superiors.

You can do your daily activities while running the business you’re running. You can become a boss by having many employees if the business you run is successful. But it all takes the process and principle of a successful business to run it.

Towards a success as a businessman or entrepreneur is one of the opinions of some people that we can realize. Indonesia is one of the countries that experienced economic downturn in the current wave of crisis. So by creating your own business or business can support the development of successful business principles in this modern era crisis.

What Are the Principles of Successful Business?

One way to overcome the crisis is by entrepreneurship or opening your own business to drive the wheels of the current economy. The most important thing to run a business is to dare to start a business on its own with the principle of successful business, because basically the entrepreneurial spirit is owned by each person.
This is a successful business principle put forward by business experts, as follows:

  • Optimistic.
  • Can read market opportunities or opportunities.
  • Ambitious.
  • Wait.
  • Not afraid of failure.
  • It’s not easy to despair.
  • One or the second failure is common, so assume that a failure is a delayed success.

As for the opinion of who argues that the principle of successful business as an entrepreneur is as follows:

  • Passion.
  • Independent.
  • Market sensitivity.
  • Innovative and creative.
  • Take risks with full calculation (calculated risk taker).
  • Never give up (persistent).
  • Based on high ethical standards.

As for the summary of the opinions of the figures above, there are 12 principles of successful business that you know when going to start a business or business, as follows:

Having a high spirit is the principle of a successful business to start a new business or business. Because it is not the goal but a process or journey that makes the biggest award for business people or entrepreneurs.

Don’t be afraid to fail
For business people or entrepreneurs have the principle of successful business this one is mandatory, because a theory alone that has will be useless if not practiced. So that way will feel or experience it for yourself and the most important thing is not to be afraid to fail at the beginning.

Act with the right calculations
Wherever the risk must be, risk is a thing we often avoid, from this one risk, but find another risk again.
So the best calculation is important before making a decision or deciding something, especially if the level of risk is high in running a business.

Innovative and creative
Innovation and creativity are the main principles of successful business for business people and entrepreneurs. In all respects innovation and creativity of a businessman or entrepreneur must continue to develop.

Patient, diligent, and tenacious
No less important the principle of other successful businesses in trying is perseverance and patience, although various forms of experimentation, problems and obstacles or others underestimated we still have to face.
With patience from the onset of a problem can usually understand how to solve it. So that it can face it and solve the problem properly and optimally.

In running any type of business, a businessman must be ambitious when running it in order to achieve maximum results.

Must be optimistic
Optimist is an important business success principle for business people, because optimism or confidence is a belief to motivate yourself. Whatever effort we will run, if we have a sense of optimism then it will be successful as expected.
Sensitive to current market desires
The principle of an absolute successful business that must be run by a businessman is sensitive or able to know the opportunities of emerging markets, both local, regional or international markets. In taking good market opportunities, the smallest opportunities must be well identified.

Never give up
Whenever the word never give up is a part that must always be done. under any circumstances, whether the conditions are supportive or even when the deterioration in our efforts.

From the principle of successful business a self-reliance is a guide in doing business or entrepreneurship. Being an independent businessman is very important, because to avoid dependence from various interested parties with our business or business.

Know the ethical standards in doing business
The principle of successful business in this case applies universally which must be held firmly by every business or business. In each country has ethical standards that apply in accordance with the existing culture and nation.
Indonesia’s consumer protection law is one of the ethical standards of doing business.

Honesty is the principle of successful business that must be prioritized in running a business. Being honest with our customers and suppliers and stakeholders in our business is very important, for the sake of our smooth business.
That’s a brief description of the 12 principles of successful business that you know when starting a business or business. hopefully can motivate and help you.

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